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Heat Shrink Products

CANUSA-EMI, a Shaw Industries Company, manufactures CATV heat shrinkable tubing designed specifically to meet the needs of the Broadband industry. CANAUSA-EMI also provides Self-Amalgamating Tape, drop tubing, many other heat shrink products, and their new Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Protection and Support Sleeves (CFSP).

Canusa Heat Shrink

CFTV Heat Shrinkable Tubing Features & Benefits

  • An absolutely waterproof seal and mechanical protection.
  • Fast and simple installation. Clean and easy connector re-entry.
  • Sealant has a selective stripability. Strong watertight bond to cable and cable jacket. Yet, strips fast and clean for re-entry to connector or splice. Will not drip at end of tube. Yet, flows smoothly to fill all voids.
  • 3 synchronized components; stripes change colour, tubing shrinks and sealant flows simultaneously.
  • Minimum heat required to produce error free installation without splitting.
  • No scorching; no risk of cable damage.

CTB-15 Self-Amalgamating Tape Features

  • Self-Amalgamating
  • Outstanding UV and ozone resistant
  • Clean strippable
  • Easily applied - no tools required
  • Excellent cold weather properties
  • Insures tight waterproof seal
  • No flame/heat required

CFSP Fiber Optic Splice Sleeves

The CANAUSA-EMI CFSP provides excellent protection and support for fiber optic heat fusion splices. The heat shrinkable tubing is made from a specially formulated, crosslinked polyolefin. This tough, versatile tubing is assembled with a stainless steel backbone and a meltable inner liner. When installed over a heat fusion splice, all insulation and mechanical properties are restored while creating an impervious barrier around the splice region. The single hole construction of the CFSP leads to simplified error free instalation.


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