Heat Cable Products for Pipe Trace, Floor Warming, Snow Melting and Roof Deicing

Delta Therm

Delta Therm

Delta-Therm electric heat cables can be used to prevent frozen pipes, melt snow and ice, radiantly heat floors, and more.

Pipe Trace

If you're looking for heat cables your search is over. Not only do we carry Delta-Therm heat cables, we pride ourselves in being truly knowledgeable in understanding how to solve your application problems, however simple or complex.

Whether you are a plumber, HVAC contractor, mechanical engineer, plant maintenance or a manufacturer, we think you'll find doing business with us refreshing. We welcome your inquiry.

Roof and Gutter Deicing

Heated cable provides a path for melting ice to leave a roof so that it is drained properly reducing ice buildup. Ice buildup can cause water to back up against and under shingles, tiles or metal roofing materials, causing damage to both outside and interior walls.

Ice formations can split downspouts or if formed on roof edges can fall and injure people or cause costly property damage.

Floor Warming

A safe, economical, and flexible heating system, Delta-Therm provides warmth radiating from the floor with no drafts or cold spots. Best of all, you control individual room settings and energy costs.

Install Delta-Therm as a secondary heating system for your entire home or room addition.  Install a floor warming system to warm a cold tile, stone, or marble floor. Whatever the application, your floor surface will be a comfortable 85 to 92 degrees F. 

All systems are either UL Listed or CSA certified.

Snow Melting

In 1972 Delta-Therm MI snow melt cable received the first U.L. Listing ever granted for snow melting equipment.

Snow melted slabs such as bridges, ramps, sidewalks, drives, helidecks and stairs maintain building operations during severe weather.

Delta-Therm recommends the use of mineral insulated (MI) cable systems for embedded snow melting/deicing applications. MI cable is the only electric system not to require a GFI when embedded in a noncombustable medium. 


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