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MP Husky the leading Cable Bus manufacturer and Cable Tray manufacturer, is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality NEMA cable tray systems, NEMA wiremesh/basket cable trays, and NEMA cable bus system.

MP Husky designs and manufactures UL CSA NEMA Cable Tray Systems, UL CSA NEMA Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Tray Systems, and UL CSA NEMA Cable Bus Power Distribution Systems.

Founded in 1955, MP Husky originally began operations as Husky Products. Over the folllowing 50+ years of leadership and service, MP Husky has gone through several transformations and mergers, including Husky/Burndy and Metal Products, leading to what is today MP Husky - Americas leading manufacturer of UL CSA NEMA Cable Tray, Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Trays, UL CSA NEMA Cable Bus, and nuclear cable tray systems .



MP Husky

Flange In Ladder

Flange In Cable Trays are the best NEMA Cable Tray systems for supporting various diameter instrumentation,
control and power cables

MP Husky Flange In Cable Trays are typically used by power plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants and industrial construction requiring strength and reliability where space is limited.

MP Husky Flange In Cable Tray Systems are Certified CSA Ladder Cable Tray, UL Ladder Tray, NEMA

Cable Tray Rung Spacing: 6", 9" and 12"; Cable Tray Load Depths: 3" through 5"

Materials available: Aluminum, Mill-galvanized Steel, Steel HDGAF, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, PVC-coated Aluminum or Steel Cable Trays

Flange In Ladder

Flange Out Ladder

Flange Out Cable Trays are the best constructed NEMA cable tray systems available for multiple large cables.  Typically used by paper mills, power plants and industrial construction requiring strength and reliability.

MP Husky Flange Out Cable Trays employ an exclusive Thru-Weld completely welds rungs to the outside of the rails for optimum structural integrity and reduced side rail rotation.

Cable Tray Rung Spacings: 9", 12" and 18"

Cable Tray Load Depths: 3" through 5"

Certified CSA Ladder Cable Tray, UL Ladder Tray, NEMA

Materials available: Aluminum, Steel, Steel HDGAF, Stainless Steel, PVC-coated Aluminum or Steel Cable Trays.

Flange Out Ladder

I-Beam Ladder

MP Husky now offers I-Beam style trays for customers that prefer the I-Beam style tray design or for those that want to add to existing I-Beam tray installations.

Depth: 4-1/2, 6, 7 & 8 inches

Fittings: 12, 24 & 36 inch radius

Splice Plates: Bolted splice connectors

Safety Factor: 1.5

Rung Options: I-Beam tray can be supplied with optional slotted or strut ty securing cables with tie wraps, strut clamps or accessories.

I-Beam Ladder




Center-supported cable tray systems, Husky Centray®, from MP Husky saves time and money in those lighter-duty cable support projects that do not require traditional dual side rail cable tray. A single hanger rod is used at each support point. This reduces support requirements and eliminates pulling cable through the supports, as cables can be layed in on both sides. Very few fittings and variations, as well as single bolt connections, add to the simplicity and lower the cost of installation on this system.

Husky Centray® rungs come already attached transversely through either the top or bottom of the center tubular rail. The Centray EZ-Clip or a two bolt splice connector joins sections together quickly and easily.

  • Husky Centray cable tray system saves time and money
  • No elbow fittings required
  • 50% less labor
  • 75% less components and hardware than standard trays
  • Pre-attached top and bottom rung designs
  • Meets NEMA 12B qand 12C

Trough (also available in I-Beam)

Husky Trough Tray is a cable tray consisting of ventilated or solid bottom contained within longitudinal side members. Our solid bottom trough tray is used to carry smaller instrumentation, data communications, computer, telephone, control and fiber optic cable from one location to another.

  • Solid bottom designs, many with 22 gauge corrugation that is 3 times stronger and 21 times stiffer than 14 gauge flat sheet bottoms
  • Corrugated seams between jointing sections eliminate need for bottom seam splices
  • Load Depths: 3" through 5-1/2"
  • Materials available: Aluminum, Mill-galvanized Steel, Steel HDGAF, Stainless Steel, PVC-coated Aluminum or Steel
  • Meets NEMA 8A to 20C+
Trough (also available in I-Beam)

Techtray (shown with Quick Splice)

MP Husky Techtray Wire Mesh Cable Tray is the one of the many industry leading cable management systems developed and manufactured by MPHusky.

Specifically designed for sensitive cable applications, MP Husky's innovative Techtray is designed to be the simplest, most cost effective wire mesh cable tray management system available. Husky Techtray is manufactured utilizing high strength steel wire, providing a strong, yet lightweight support system that is perfect for today's high tech cabling needs. MPHusky's unique design of Techtray, with its 2" x 2" grid system and the "T-Weld" safety edge, make it the clear choice for the most complete support of sensitive fiber optic and communication cables.


Husky Way

MP Husky Husky Way is an economical and easy to use fully enclosed Cable Tray System. Benefits are:

  • Economical Cable Support
  • Easy Installation
  • Fully Enclosed Cable Tray System
  • Smooth, Solid Bottom and Cover
  • Hides Cables from View
  • Quick Shipment
  • Available in Aluminum, Pre-Galvanized, and Galvanneal (Paint Ready)
Another innovative design from MP Husky - the Leader in Cable Tray Systems!


For more than 30 years, MP Husky's Fiberglass Cable Tray systems have been tested and proven in the harsh environment of the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Our Fiberglass Cable Tray gives you the load capacity of steel, plus the inherent characteristics afforded by Pultrusion Technology: non-conductive, non-magnetic, and corrosion-resistant. These characteristics reduce shock hazard and make our cable tray transparent to radio waves, radar and microwaves.

Although light in weight, the strength to weight ratio surpasses that of equivalent steel products. Our Fiberglass tray weighs 1/3 that of steel trays and is pound for pound stronger. This makes the tray easy to install, reduces the possibility of lifting accidents, and lowers transportation costs. MP Husky Fiberglass Cable Tray is available in both polyester and vinylester resin systems. They are manufactured to meet ASTM E-84, Class 1 Flame Rating and self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. It will not rust, nor does it ever require painting. The tray is available in two colors: gray (polyester resin) and beige (vinylester resin), with custom colors available upon request. A surface veil is applied during the pultrusion process to ensure a resin-rich surface for superior corrosion resistance, as well as an ultraviolet exposure barrier.

From paper mills to refineries to laboratories, sound electrical design requires an adaptable cable support system that is reliable. Above all, durability and resistance to corrosion lead to lower overall costs during the life of the installation, so contact us today to find out if our Fiberglass system is right for your application.






Husky EMI Cable Tray is a cable tray consisting of solid bottom and flat flanged cover and wrap-around splice and cover splice.  Husky EMI Cable Tray is used to protect sensitive cables, such as instrumentation cables, from electromagnetic interence.

  • Manufactured using ASTM A-653 G90 Steel
  • Materials available: Hot dip mill galvanized (other finishes available upon request)
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with NEMA VE-1 and installed in accordance with NEMA VE-2 "Cable Tray Installation Guidelines"


MP Husky Channel Tray is a channel cable tray system consisting of one piece, ventilated or solid bottom section, designed for use with a single power cable or multiple control or single circuit cables.

  • Typically used by all industries to carry smaller instrumentation, data communications, computer, telephone, control and fiber optic cable
  • Ventilated or solid bottom design
  • Furnished 1-3/4" deep and 4" or 6" wide
  • Compact size makes it easier to position around and connect to equipment
  • Available in aluminum, mill-galvanized steel, steel HDGAF, stainless steel and PVC-coated aluminum or steel
Husky Channel

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