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Champion Fiberglass, began production of epoxy fiberglass conduit and fittings in 1988. The company has the most advanced production facilities for manufacturing fiberglass conduit in North America. A well-trained and highly efficient work force utilize proprietary high-speed winding equipment and high temperature curing ovens to ensure consistent production standards for the highest quality fiberglass conduit on the market.

Highest quality fiberglass conduit on the market - Champion Duct is a UL and CSA listed for above and below ground use; Flame Shield conforms to NFPA 130 requirements; Champion Haz Duct allowed for use in Class 1 Div 2 per the NEC.  ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Co.


Champion Fiberglass

Champion PVC Champion Coupling Champion Assemble

Champion Fiberglass Elbows are being used in more applications.  Utilities, electrical contractors, and specifying engineers have discovered the benefits of using the fiberglass elbows.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Consistently one of the lowest coefficient of friction numbers of any conduit system.

No Burn Through

A low coefficient of friction and a single circuit winding process keeps cables from burning through the fiberglass elbow and damaging the cable.

Easy to Install

When ordered with two deep socket PVC couplings, the fiberglass elbows are easily glued in place using PVC glue.

Light Weight

Example: 4" 90° x 36" radius elbow

  • 8.5lbs - fiberglass w/ 2 PVC couplings
  • 64lbs - galvanized rigid steel
  • 62lbs - PVC coated steel

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Broadest range of corrosion resistance for all conduit systems.

Champion Lightweight

Champion Factory

Excellent Insulator

Because fiberglass conduit is non-conductive, grounding bushings and exothermic grounding are not required for protection during a cable fault.

Handles Low Temperatures

Fiberglass maintains its mechanical properties to -60°F.

UV Stable

Fiberglass maintains its mechanical properties in the sunlight

Cost Effective

Comparable installed elbows give our Fiberglass elbows the price advantage.

UL Listed

Use our UL 1684 Listed Above Ground fiberglass elbows

Not Affected by Cable Faults

A cable fault will not melt the fiberglass elbow or weld the cable to the fiberglass elbow.


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